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Cecil L. Rotenberg, Q.C.

Grandfather of Immigration

245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 308, Toronto Ontario, CA Tel: (416) 498 0400 Fax: (416) 510-9090


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NEW LIFE . Canada Immigration & Legal Services Co.
It is easy for us to promote Canadian Immigration through this source because New Life has been bringing new life to people all over the world . At New Life, we speak English and Farsi and all work has the designation of and signature, direction and work of Cecil L. Rotenberg, Q.C. , our lead counsel. We will respond to you within three (3) working days as to what further information we need or where it is we think that your action will have to go and what can be done. We prefer to discuss price but please understand that Immigration work is both skill and time, both of which have to be paid for.



Passed peacefully on Thursday,November 17, 2016 at NorthYork General Hospital, a week
shy of his 83rd birthday. Cecil will be sadly missed
by everyone who knew him,including the Canadian legal community where he practiced for 57 years, starting with family law and civil litigation. For the
last 40 years, he dedicated his indefatigable energy to immigration law. He was affectionately referred to as the Grandfather of Immigration Law, a title he justly deserved and cherished. Countless people owe their new lives in Canada to Cecil's tenacity, fearlessness, and
dedication. He was at his most inspired and passionate in the courtroom. He set many legal precedents with his creative and novel applications of the law,
resolving cases that were deemed impossible. 

Rest in Peace, dear Cecil. The world was a better place with you in it.
New life Inc
I was so honoured  to work with you (Mr Rotenberg Q .C)  over the past 11 years .  I have so much pride to have had the priveledge and opportunity to have worked beside you and learned not only about the field of immigration but moreover  learned honestly, kindness, caring and patient from you. You showed me strength at my most weakest moments, and taught me how to be strong in life, specially for my children. You taught me to smile again. You had a big heart, and your resilience taught me to open my heart to life. I met you shortly after I lost my own father, and you became like a second father to me. Now, it feels like I lost my father all over again. 
You will be always in my heart and I will miss you, every day!

Zohreh Ghaffarian

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